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We offer washers and gaskets made of high-quality material, which is PTFE Teflon.

The basic advantages of Teflon washers include the possibility of using them in all, even the most demanding conditions.

podkładki teflonowe

Properties of teflon washers:

  • high thermal stability, temperature resistance from -150oC to +260oC degrees, as well as high melting point (+320oC)
    very low coefficients of friction (the lowest among existing plastics)
    resistance to harmful chemicals, solvents and other aggressive media
    electrical insulation
    low dielectric coefficient
    they withstand impact loads very well
    excellent sliding and abrasion properties
    the pads have a sliding surface, making them ideal for various parts of machines and devices

    All Teflon washers are made to measure for individual customer orders. Thanks to this, our pads will be ideally suited to the needs of our customers.

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