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Silicone pads have excellent compression resistance. They work great as all kinds of seals. Thanks to their properties, silicone pads are resistant to
a number of factors such as: temperature, ozone, ionization, moisture, ionization, long-term storage and use. In our offer you will find silicone pads for every size, please contact our consultants.

podkładki silikonowe

Properties of silicone pads:

exceptional flexibility
resistance in low and high temperatures from – 60oC to +220oC
resistance to UV radiation and aging
electrical properties
small permanent deformations
the ability to damp vibrations, both high and low frequency
ease of processing
sterility and chemical purity
Application of silicone pads:

These products will be used wherever durability, sterility and chemical purity are important, including in the food industry, pharmacy and medicine.


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