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Copper washers

Copper washers are used, among others, in high-pressure hydraulic lines and lines of various types of acids at room temperature. Their basic features include, above all, excellent plasticity, anti-corrosion and resistance to the harmful effects of mechanical and chemical factors. They are made of strips, sheet metal or copper tape by punching with special eccentric presses. Modern equipment allows us to obtain products of any shape, smooth and precise, thanks to which we are able to produce copper washers to size and meet the expectations of our customers regarding individual orders.

podkładki miedziane

Properties of copper washers:

-they conduct electricity and heat very well

– tensile strength

– corrosion resistant

– resistant to pressure and temperature changes

– biostatic – inhibit the growth of bacteria

– non-flammable

– durable, flexible

Application of copper washers:
car industry
metallurgical industry
electrotechnical industry
chemical industry
engineering industry (one of the basic elements of machine construction and various types of equipment)
power engineering

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