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The advantages of plastic washers over metal washers :

  • They are resistant to weather conditions, especially water
    Can withstand high temperatures and be non-flammable (applies to certain types of materials)
    They are vibration resistant
    They are antimagnetic
    They are non-toxic
    They can work both as an insulating and sealing element

    Our offer also includes plastic sleeves.

podkładki plastikowe

Types of plastics used for the production of washers:

Nylon is one of the most popular plastics used to produce a wide range of fasteners and accessories. It is also often used to make washers because it is strong and wear-resistant. It is able to come into contact with many different types of chemicals and materials without causing any reaction.

– high mechanical strength
– high abrasion resistance
– high level of unbreakability – flexibility
– high chemical resistance, but reacts quite easily with highly concentrated acids and
basic compounds.
– light

Polyethylene is often used for the production of plastic washers. It remains flexible at low temperatures and is highly corrosion resistant, making it a good choice if you plan on using metal nuts or bolts.

– high resistance: chemical, impact, scratching
– low coefficient of friction
– low water vapor permeability
– possibility of contact with food

PTFE is a good choice if your application deals with high temperatures instead. It can handle up to 260oC and has thermal and insulating properties that other plastics cannot match.

It shows almost complete resistance to chemical influences, dissolves only in concentrated
hydrofluoric acid. In addition, it is a very slippery material.

Properties of plastic washers:

– temperature: from -240oC to +260oC
– resistance to UV rays
– harmless to the body
– non-toxic
– very good properties: sliding, abrasive, lubricating
– resistant to hot steam and hydrolysis
– high chemical resistance

– plastic washers will be successfully used in various types of machines and devices

The production of both plastic washers and plastic sleeves is tailored to the customer’s needs, we are able to produce plastic washers and sleeves to any size.